7 days/6 nights

Among Russians Sochi has long gained popularity. But among foreigners – relatively recently, thanks to the 2014 Winter Olympics. The cheerful, forever young, lovely, warm, hospitable city of Sochi on the Black Sea coast arose in 1838. Of course, people go to Sochi for the most part on vacation at sea. But there is also what to see and visit there. The programmes in Sochi might be different. The most popular sights are: Sochi arboretum, Olympic Park, Vorontsov caves, Stalin’s dacha, where the Soviet leader liked to spend vacations. It is also interesting to go outside the city and see a tea plantation with tea tasting, visit a trout farm and other farms.

Monument 'Motherland calls' in Volgograd


7 days/6 nights

Volgograd is a hero city on the Volga, founded in 1555. Foreigners know more, probably, its name during the WWII – Stalingrad in honour of the Soviet leader Josef Stalin. Most often, we offer military memorial tours to Volgograd, since in 1943 there were fierce battles there, during which the Red Army still did not allow the German fascists to reach the Volga and held the city. Our victory brought confusion to the countries that were members of the Hitlerite coalition and marked the beginning of the end of the dominance of German troops. The ‘must-see’ sight: Mamayev Kurgan – the height overlooking the city with the great city’s landmark ‘Motherland calls’ monument,  etc.

Chersonesos. Crimea. Russia


7 days/6 nights

Sevastopol was founded in 1783. It got its name from the Greek words ‘holy’ & ‘city’, that is a ‘sacred city’. After the affiliation the Crimea to Russia by decree of Catherine II  the peninsula became the part of Russia. As one Russian song says:’Sevastopol – the city of Russian sailors’ and fully lives up to the name. There are many marine museums. The ‘must-see’ sights: the monument to the Sunken Ships (1905), Count’s pier (1786), Panorama ‘Siege of Sevastopol’ (1904), Malakhov Kurgan devoted to heros of the War 1941-1945, Chersonesos – the ancient city built 2500 years ago, etc.