Moscow: excursions & visits


Walking tours

Walking is good for your health! And if the weather is good, and if you still discover new amazing places, you hear fascinating interesting stories - what could be better! For our walking tours, we select various topics. It can be dedicated to some area of Moscow, or some historical event, or just an interesting fact, or maybe something "tasty", such as a walk through coffee houses and restaurants of the past. You can always suggest your theme or choose from us.


Tours by vehicle

Usually, even for 2 tourists, we offer minivans, not sedans. The seats of the minivan are higher, large windows for viewing, there is where to stretch your legs, there is where to put your purchases, you can sit comfortably during the trip. Although, of course, it's up to you which car you want to be driven around the city. There are places those are located in different parts of the city. Of course, therefore, it is necessary to order such excursions by car.



The season is not important for walks out of town. Of course, it is more pleasant when the sun is shining, it is warm, and there is greenery all around. But there are many places where winter is even more interesting than summer. Outing tours are supposed for the whole day by our transport. This is convenient: we do not depend on the train, you can always go back or change the route. But with the development of high speed trains, we offer combined trips: train + car.