9 days/8 nights

It’s hard to believe, but the ice of Lake Baikal is so transparent that you may read a newspaper through it! Want to make sure? Book the tour “Blue Ice of Baikal” with us! During your trip, in addition to Irkutsk, you will visit:

  • the village of Listvyanka, which so charmed the Russian writer Anton Chekhov with its larches, is located right next to Lake Baikal, just 70 km from Irkutsk.
  •  Chersky stone, from the height of which there is a stunning view of Lake Baikal and the source of the Angara River
  •  Olkhon Island, the third largest lake island in the world and the center of shamanism. It is here that there are amazing totems, near which shamans organize their rituals and communicate with spirits
  •  the village of Khuzhir with its attractions
  • You will also have the opportunity to take unforgettable photos right on Lake Baikal, among the ice, try the famous omul, which is found only in this lake, and also go dog sledding.
  • You will see the rituals of the Buryat people who inhabit these regions. And many, many more interesting things!



9 days/8 nights

Baikal is good at any time of the year. But in summer you can also take a tour on the Baikal Railway. During your journey you will see and visit:

  • Irkutsk, founded in 1661 on the banks of the Angara River. The historic city center is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.
  • Olkhon Island is a magical island with stunning views of wildlife. It is here that there are 13 totems, around which local shamans perform their rituals
  • Ethnopark “Golden Horde”, where you will be taught how to make delicious manti and will see a performance by a folk group
  • Cape Khoboy, Cape Three Brothers, Cape Love, Edor and Modoto islands
  • Baikal cruise
  • Excursion around the village of Listvyanka, visit to the limnological museum and local market, ascent by cable car to the Chersky Stone
  • Trip on an excursion train along the Circum-Baikal Road
  • Thermal springs
  • Tasting local cuisine including dishes with omul



12 days/11 nights

Siberia is a huge land, it is not only the city of Irkutsk and Lake Baikal. Its area is comparable to Canada! On this tour we offer to admire the Sayan Mountains. For the most of people Siberia remains a mysterious and inaccessible land. Travel on the Great Sayan Ring will raise the veil of the mystery, the voyage will be unforgettable! You will learn how Siberians lived in past centuries as well as present day. You will feel the hospitality of local people and realize the richness of this nation’s cultural traditions. Moreover you will touch the origins of religions – from the Orthodox Church to Shamanism.  The Great Sayan Ring is a unique opportunity to touch the nature and culture of three very different regions: the Krasnoyarsk Territory, Tuva and Khakassia Republics. This tour is for travelers who love wild nature, campfires, accommodation in guest houses, yurts and camping. The tour is aimed at maximum unity with nature. Although we will also visit museums and hydroelectric power stations.

We will visit Krasnoyarsk, Divnogorsk, Abakan, Shushenskoye, Kyzyl, Khakassia with all the interesting sights.

And many many other amazing places on the road!