Northern Caucasus



7 days/6 nights

We invite you to take a trip to Chechen Republic. During the trip we will see the sights of the capital of Chechnya – the city of Grozny as well as the amazing beauty of Chechen nature. Grozny is a phoenex city reborn from the ashes in just 10 years after the Chechen war. The city was founded in 1818 as the fortress of Grozny.  Now Chechnya has become one of the most successful and prosperous republics in Russia. Sightseeing: the Akhmad Kadyrov Mosque known in the world as ‘The heart of Chechnya’, one of the largest mosques in the world, Flower Park with more than 150.000 flowers, lake Kezenoy-am – the deepest in the Caucasus Mountains and stunning beautiful, Argun Gorge – the longest in the Caucasus and many other amazing places. Chechen cuisine also never leave you indifferent.



7 days/6 nights

Pyatigorsk is a resort city in the Stavropol Region of Russia. The oldest balneological and mud resort in Russia (founded in 1780, has been a city since 1830). From Moscow it’s easy to get to the city by train. We offer a holiday in Pyatigorsk with an introductory tour of the main cities of the Caucasian Mineralnye Vody. During the tour you will visit SPA parks, drinking pump rooms and galleries with mineral water tasting, admire the health resorts and beautiful panoramas of the mountains. In addition to healing springs, Pyatigorsk is famous for the fact that the famous Russian poet Mikhail Lermontov spent the last 2 months of his life there, who came here to improve his health. We will see the place of the poet’s duel, his small house. Also we may visit other resorts as Kislovodsk, Essentuki, Zheleznovodsk.



8 days/7 nights

The city of Vladikavkaz is the capital of the Republic of North Ossetia – Alanya, one of the beautiful cities in the Northern Caucasus, a major industrial, scientific and cultural center in the region. The history of Vladikavkaz dates back to the reign of the Empress Catherine the Great who founded the fortress of Vladikavkaz in 1784. In addition to the tour of Vladikavkaz we invite you to take out-of-town excursions such as Digor Gorge – castle Frigate (14 c.). In general, people come to the Caucasus for majestic views of the mountains, stunning healing climate, ancient legends, delicious Caucasian pies, and also to drink real kefir. This healing drink originated here and no one could get the precious fungi to prepare the drink. Only Irina Sakharova from Moscow managed to do that in 1908. How? Come here to learn!