11 days/10 nights


We invite you on a journey to the very north-west of Russia – to Kaliningrad and the Curonian Spit. There is such a mixture of styles and times! Kaliningrad is the most western city of Russia. Before WWII the city belonged to Germany and called Königsberg which means ‘King’s Mountain’. Was founded in 1255 by the Teutonic Knights during the Northern Crusades.

During the trip we visit old city, amber museum where you may purchase amber items. Also we go to Amber village and you will have an unique opportunity to find amber by yourself! On the road to the Coronian Spit we drop in a resort city Svetlogorsk. In the Curonian Spit we will see Dune EFA – one of the highest dunes in Europe, ‘Dancing Forest’ and bird station ‘Fringilla’.

You will spend 3 days on the Baltic Sea shore.

All ‘must see’ visits in Moscow and in St.Petersburg are also in the programme. 


10 days/9 nights


Every girl has a jewelry box.  It doesn’t matter if you have a lot of money or not, we invite you on a tour to the Curonian Spit where you can try your luck and find amber!

Since this tour does not include Moscow, the focus is on museums in St. Petersburg, including also a visit to the amber workshop in Tsarskoye Selo and the sights of Kaliningrad and the Curonian Spit.

The amber workshop in Tsarskoye Selo was responsible for the restoration of the famous amber room. Thanks to the efforts of Russian masters, we can now again admire the restored amber room. As you know, the original was stolen by the German fascists, and there are still many legends about this subject, where the room is now located.

During the trip, you can buy amber products. Because of its low cost, everyone can afford it.


9 days/8 nights


Northern lights are natural lights displayed in the sky. Thousands of tourists come to Murmansk to see with their own eyes this natural phenomenon which nobody may forsees. The best time for the trip is from November till March. This is the period we recommend. For all the days of your staying in Murmansk our experts monitor the condition of the sky and the atmosphere. As soon as northern lights appear, we pick up our guests and take away to watch the lights.

During our trip we visit Murmank – the city founded  in 1916. It remains by far the largest city north of the Artic Circle in the world and is the major port on the Artic Ocean. In the programme: visit to to the atomic-powered vessel ‘Lenin’ (1957),  Oceanarium, Teriberka, the Kola Peninsula, a tundra-park, Khibiny, the snow village,  a husky park with riding and Northern lights, of course!