Hotel booking

We book hotels from 3 to 5 stars throughout Russia. Usually we offer a choice of several hotels on the dates you have chosen, and when you decide on a hotel, we discuss the category of the room.


We offer a wide range of transport for transfers and trips in the city and along the route. It can be a sedan or minivan, minibus or bus of various brands and classes. When constructing the programme, we take into account the number of people, the amount of luggage, so that clients feel comfortable and convenient. We offer – you choose.


We work with only trusted professional guides-interpreters speaking different languages of the world. When putting together a tour, you can specify your preferences. For example, for a guide to be a woman or a man, age, etc. But here we should take into account that we choose a guide from accredited, licensed guides. Therefore, it may turn out that there are very few guides who speak a rare language. So the choice is narrowed down.

Excursions & visits

We offer a wide range of excursions and special visits. It all depends on your preferences. It will be easier for us if you tell us what you like: history, literature, military topics, educational topics, gastronomic or environmental programmes, etc. It is important to consider the interests of children if they are traveling with you. We would like you to return home and tell your family and friends what an amazing country you have visited. Therefore, we do everything for this!


Our company has many years of experience in clients service from the elite club American network Virtuoso. Therefore, serving VIP clients is familiar to us. We meet private jets, book VIP lounges at airports, carry out luggage service, arrange flowers in the car or a string quartet for dinner, exclusive excursions and visits, and much more. Almost everything is possible to do. There would be desire and money. Usually we stipulate every detail of the programme.

Tours for special people

It must be very insulting when you are called “a person with disabilities.” After all, this can happen to anyone. But this is not a reason to deny yourself the joy of life. If you have difficulties with movement, hearing, or any other problems, we are ready to help you experience new joyful emotions by constructing your stay programme in such a way that you feel as little discomfort as possible. We provide a special chair and a pusher to move along the route.

and much more!