St.Petersburg fresh

ST.PETERSBURG is a city allocated on the banks of the Neva River at the head of Gulf of Finland on the Baltic Sea. Founded by Russian Tsar Peter the First in 1703, it was the capital of Russian Empire for more than 200 years. Peter built St.Petersburg as the capital of Empire, with a lot of palaces, monuments, parks, country residences. After Russian revolution of 1917, in 1918 St.Petersburg ceased to be the capital and Soviet government moved to Moscow.
St.Petersburg is the second largest city after Moscow. Often we hear as the foreigners call St.Petersburg ‘the Northern Venice’. We call it ‘nothern capital’. The historical center of St.Petersburg and its monuments constitute a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

This programme provides not so much sightseeing of any museums. Within 3 days, it is almost impossible. We invite you to feel the spirit of St. Petersburg, feel the wind from the Neva, the fresh breeze from the Baltic, such "Petersburg intelligence". It seems like some 800 km from Moscow, but people even say otherwise! In Moscow they say "entrance", and in St. Petersburg "front door", in Moscow they say "white bread", and in St. Petersburg "bun". And what is such a gentle Neva water worth! When you wash your hands, it seems that they are soapy, because the water is very soft.

So here is an example programme from Friday to Sunday:

Friday -  arrival in St.Petersburg.
Meeting with only the driver and transfer to the hotel. Check in.

Saturday -

Morning - time for sleeping and rest
 (or if you are a lark, we may start from the very morning)

12:00 pm - meeting with guide at the hotel and by car city tour incl. all 'major sights' of the city:  St.Peter and Paul Fortress, St.Isaak's cathedral, Spilled Blood Church, Winter Palace, Alexander Column, Nevsky and Ligovsky prospects etc.

05:00 pm -  free time

Sunday -

transfer to the airport

Prices in Russian Roubles per pax:

Just an example as prices for definite hotels in one and the same category differs. Our calculation was based on hotel 'Holiday Inn Ligovsky' 4 stars:

Period till 01.10.2022

2 pax - 27.000 Roubles per pax
4 pax - 20.000 Roubles per pax
6 pax - 17.500 Roubles per pax
8 pax - 17.000 Roubles per pax
10 pax - 15.500 Roubles per pax

Period till 15.12.2022

2 pax - 24.500 Roubles per pax
4 pax - 17.000 Roubles per pax
6 pax - 15.000 Roubles per pax
8 pax - 14.000 Roubles per pax
10 pax - 13.000 Roubles per pax

Prices include: VAT, double or twin standard accommodation b/b for 2 nights, guide and transport services, entrance fee to St.Peter and Paul Fortress

Ideas for evening:

- Neva and canals cruises if navigation opens
- theatre, folkshow, concert
- restaurant dinner with panoramic view on the city
- cruise to see the drawing of the bridges (in summer time)
- walking excursions in evening St.Petersburg

Join us!

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