St.Petersburg fresh

There is a song in Russia 'For 2 days, for 2 days, all forget about me'. 2 nights in Moscow: enough to see Kremlin and Red Square, stroll in Arbat and enjoy Moscow restaurants,cafe and new fashion arrivals. Just relaxation. 

Walking in St.Petersburg

In sneakers in St.Petersburg

Of course, everyone who comes to St.Petersburg for the first time usually follows the well-trodden classical route. In this paragraph we invite you to discover St.Petersburg in details. St.Petersburg was founded as the capital of Russiam Empire in 1703. The history of Russian Empire started here and finished here with coming of bolsheviks to power. Enjoy being in St.Petersburg with us!


Palaces & castles in suburbs of St.Petersburg

So, at home, we offer you to spend an evening in Moscow. In the summer, we invite families to visit the dacha, where tea from a samovar, Russian treats are waiting for you. And in the cold season, we can offer you lunch or dinner at the apartment of a former KGB colonel. Believe me, he is a very kind and hospitable host. He will be happy to tell you about interesting cases from his life, about some secrets of foreign intelligence and, of course, feed you with amazing Russian cuisine, and in parting will give you his book with an autograph.
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