For business

Russia has experienced a lot.

But we went through everything. Since 1991, a new era began in our country, when the USSR collapsed and the modern history of Russia began. It was very difficult at first. "The roaring 90s" - that's how the Russians call this time - the time of troubles. But we did it. Now the Russian economy is booming.

And every businessman who plans to start his own business in Russia can be convinced of this.

Great opportunities, low taxes, a huge territory - all this makes Russia a very attractive country for business.

Where to start looking for a partner in distant Russia?

We are here to assist you! Let's find solutions together! Let's help each other!

If you already have a business in Russia, we will be happy to help you organize a seminar, conference, corporate, incentive. Write to us and Russia will become a close country for you!

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