Very briefly about Russia

Russia is a country of mystery for many, country -civilization.

'You will not grasp her with your mind
Or cover with a common label,
For Russia is one of a kind –
Believe in her, if you are able...', this is how the worldwide Russian poet F. Tyutchev wrote about Russia and believe us, he knew what he was writing about!

Russia is the largest country in the world, covering over 17 million sq km (6.6 sq mi), and encompassing more than 1/8 of the Earth's inhabited land area. As Russia has 11 time zones, we may say that the Sun never sets in Russia! When people in the central part return home from work, in the Far East, residents only go to work. Imagine? If you take a train say, in Vladivostok (Far East) to Moscow, you will go 1 week to reach the capital, and you will still be traveling through the territory of 1 country! Great, isn't it?

So Russia has a population of 146.2 million; and is the most populous country in Europe, and the 9 th-most populous country in the world.

Our capital is Moscow - the largest city in Europe, while Saint Petersburg is the nation's 2nd largest city and cultural centre.

We speak Russian. This is the main language of our country. But as Russia is inhabited by about 200 nationalities, in each region of Russia people may speak their own native language. At schools our children study foreign languages, mostly English, Spanish, French, German, Chinese languages.

The Russian economy ranks 6th among countries in the world and 2nd among European countries (after Germany).

​Russians live in different climatic zones, average temperatures in January, in different regions, range from +6 to −50 ° C, in July from 1 to 25 ° C.

​Russia has a rich, more than 1000 years old history. There are more than 5000 museums in Russia, 640 theaters!

We have prepared many interesting travel programmes for you to reveal all the beauty of our country!

Information for foreigners entering to Russia

So, you are thinking to go to Russia.

​What you need to know for this:

How to apply for an entry visa to Russia:

1. The easiest way to apply for an entry visa to Russia is to use the "electronic visa" service.

All information about the registration procedure and for the citizens of which countries this service is possible, you may read here.

2. If your country is not on the list of electronic visas, then you may easily write to us and we, as a tour operator, will send you an invitation, with which you may contact the nearest Russian consulate in your country and apply for an entry visa to Russia. One moment: we will send an invitation only if you book with us, if not the whole tour, then at least a hotel for accommodation. To apply for a visa, you must also fill out an application form, have a valid passport, pay the consular fee.

Russian consulate in your country will give you more details.

Other information:
You may fly to Russia by plane, arrive by train, enter by car, and also take sea or river cruise.

In any area in Russia, we will provide you with hotel accommodation, transfers, meals, excursions, visits, guide-interpreter services, tickets for a concert, show, theater, circus, transport services, VIP meeting at the airport.

We will take into account all your wishes, including festive decoration of the room, champagne and fruits in the room, flowers in the car, musical accompaniment of dinner in a restaurant, etc.
You may easily find all emergency numbers of the embassy of your country in Russia on the Internet, or call us, (also you may use WhatsApp or Telegram) we will provide you with all the numbers for communication.

What should be done if I'm in trouble? ​First of all, call us (WhatsApp or Telegram) or the guide-translator who works with you or just ask the hotel concierge about assistance. When our guide meets you in Russia, he/she always leaves his/her phone number for communication.

For your information, here there are the main emergency numbers:

Ambulance - 103
Police - 102
Fire service - 101
Gas service - 104
Any emergency - 112

In our country, English is taught even at schools. All civil employees speak English at a basic level.

Attractions and regions of Russia

Usually when you ask a foreigner what regions or cities you know in Russia, the answer is similar: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Suzdal, Siberia, the most advanced can still say - Yakutia.

Let's figure it out. There are 8 federal districts in Russia. Each district includes regions, and each region has its own capital. Many travel agencies offer trips only to some regions of Russia. We offer tours all over the country.

To make it easier for you to navigate our huge spaces, we give a brief reference:

CENTRAL DISTRICT - the central region of European Russia - administrative center - Moscow

​- Belgorod Region (main city - Belgorod) Bryansk Region (main city - Bryansk) Vladimir Region (main city - Vladimir)

- Voronezh Region (main city - Voronezh) Ivanovo Region (main city - Ivanovo) Kaluga Region (main city - Kaluga)

- Kostroma Region (main city - Kostroma) Kursk Region (main city - Kursk) Lipetsk Region (main city - Lipetsk)

- Moscow and Moscow Region (capital Moscow) Oryol Region (main city - Oryol) Ryazan Region (main city - Ryazan)

- Smolensk Region (main city - Smolensk) Tambov Region (main city - Tambov) Tver Region (main city - Tver)

- Tula Region (main city - Tula) Yaroslavl Region (main city - Yaroslavl)

NORTHWESTERN DISTRICT - the North-West of Russia - administrative center - St.Petersburg

​- Arkhangelsk Region (main city - Arkhangelsk) Vologda Region (main city - Vologda) Kaliningrad Region (main city - Kaliningrad)

- Republic of Karelia (main city - Petrozavodsk) Komy Republic (main city - Syktyvkar) Leningrad Region (main city - Gatchina)

- Murmansk Region (main city - Murmansk) Nenets Autonomous Region (main city - Naryan-Mar) Novgorod Region (main city - Veliky Novgorod)

- Pskov Region (main city - Pskov) St.Petersburg

SOUTHERN DISTRICT - shares borders with Ukraine, the Azov Sea, and the Black Sea in the west, and Kazakhstan and the Caspian Sea in the east. Administrative center - Rostov-on-Don

​- Republic of Adygea (main city - Maykop) Astrakhan Region (main city - Astrakhan) Republic of Kalmykia (main city - Elista)

- Krasnodar Krai (main city - Krasnodar) Rostov Region (main city - Rostov-on-Don) Volgograd Region (main city - Volgograd)

- Republic of Crimea (main city - Simferopol) Sevastopol

NORTH CAUCASIAN DISTRICT - it's located in the southern Russia, in the geographical area of the North Caucasus.

Administrative center - Pyatigorsk

Republic of Dagestan (main city - Makhachkala) Republic of Ingushetia (main city - Magas) Kabardino-Balkarian Region (main city - Nalchik)

Karachay-Cherkess Republic (main city - Cherkessk) Republic of North Ossetia-Alania (main city - Vladikavkaz)

Stavropol Krai (main city - Stavropol) Chechen Republic (main city - Grozny)

VOLGA DISTRICT - in the southern-eastern part of Russia. the name speaks for itself, an area near the Volga river. Administrative center - Nizhny Novgorod

​Republic of Bashkortostan (main city - Ufa) Kirov Region (main city - Kirov) Mari El Republic (main city - Yoshkar-Ola)

Republic of Mordovia (main city - Saransk) Nizhny Novgorod Region (main city - Nizhny Novgorod)

Orenburg Region (main city - Orenburg) Penza Region (main city - Penza) Perm Krai (main city - Perm)

Samara Region (main city - Samara) Saratov Region (main city - Saratov) Republic of Tatarstan (main city - Kazan)

Udmurt Republic (main city - Izhevsk) Ulyanovsk Region (main city - Ulyanovsk) Chuvash Republic (main city - Cheboksary)

URAL DISTRICT - it's located at the border of the European and Asian parts of Russia. Administrative center - Yekaterinburg.

Kurgan Region (main city - Kurgan) Sverdlovsk Region (main city - Yekaterinburg)

Tyumen Region (main city - Tyumen) Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Region (Yugra) (main city - Khanty-Mansiysk)

Chelyabinsk Region (main city - Chelyabinsk) Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Region (main city - Salekhard)

​SIBERIAN DISTRICT - the entire federal district lies within the continent of Asia. Administrative center - Novosibirsk.

​Altai Republic (main city - Gorno-Altaysk) Altai Krai (main city - Barnaul) Irkutsk Region (main city - Irkutsk)

Kemerovo Region (main city - Kemerovo) Krasnoyarsk Region (main city - Krasnoyarsk)

Novosibirsk Region (main city - Novosibirsk) Omsk Region (main city - Omsk) Tomsk Region (main city - Tomsk)

Tuva Republic (main city - Kyzyl) Republic of Khakassia (main city - Abakan)

FAR EASTERN DISTRICT - the entire federal district lies within the easternmost part of Asia and covers the territory of the Russian Far East. Administrative center - Vladivostok.

​Amur Region (main city - Blagoveschensk) Republic of Buryatia (main city - Ulan-Ude)

Jewish Autonomous Region (main city Birobidzhan) Zabaikalsky Krai (main city - Chita)

Kamchatka Krai (main city - Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky) Magadan Region (main city - Magadan) Primorsky Krai (main city - Vladivostok)

Sakha Republic (main city - Yakutsk) Sakhalin Region (main city - Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk)

Khabarovsk Krai (main city - Khabarovsk) Chukotka Autonomous Region (main city - Anadyr)

Religion in Russia

There are several religions in Russia.

There are no exact statistics, but it is generally accepted that there are about 75% of Orthodox Christians in Russia, 1% of Catholics, 1% of Protestants, 5% of Muslims, 1% of Buddhists, and 1% of Jews. The rest are atheists.

The church is separated from the state, but every year more and more people try to observe Orthodox customs. During the Soviet era, many churches were destroyed. And only after 1991 the churches began to revive. People again began to go to churches, study prayers, celebrate religious holidays.

In different regions of Russia, the percentage of believers of a certain religion is more or less. For example, if we are talking about Moscow, St. Petersburg, then, of course, there are more Christians, and in Tatarstan, the Chechen Republic, Dagestan there are more Muslims, in Kalmykia there are more Buddhists, in the Jewish region there are more Jews. Our company will be delightful to organize a pilgrimage tour for you!

Despite our different religions, we are friends, we respect each other's religion.

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