Personal data processing rules

Present personal data processing rules (hereinafter also the Rules, Rules for the collection and use of personal data) contains a description of our rules and procedures in relation to personal data – namely, what Personal Information from our Customers we collect, what we do with it, as well as your rights in relation to Personal Information.

By accessing or using Argo Club Services (legal name  ‘Territory 007’ LLC), you affirm the fact that you have read these rules for the processing of personal data.

These rules for the processing of personal data apply to all information, including personal data in the understanding of the applicable law (hereinafter – “Personal information”), which ‘Territory 007’ LLC (hereinafter also Argo Club) may receive about you in the course of your use of the website  (hereinafter also the Site) and the service (hereinafter also the Service) provided by it, as well as during the execution of any agreements and contracts concluded with you in connection with your use of the Service.

To ensure your use of the Site and Services, your Personal information is collected and used by ‘Territory 007’ Limited Liability Company, a legal entity created under the laws of the Russian Federation and registered at: Bolotnikovskaya, 43-16 Moscow, Russia 117209.

These rules for the processing of personal data are not intended to replace the terms of any agreement that we have entered into with you, nor to replace any rights that you may have in accordance with applicable laws in the field of personal data protection.

If you are located in a territory where your consent is required to transfer your Personal Information to another jurisdiction, then by using the Site or Service, you give Argo Club your explicit and unambiguous consent to such transfer or storage in another jurisdiction, namely Russia.

Argo Club is not entitled to process your Personal Information without sufficient legal basis. Therefore, Argo Club processes your Personal Information only if the processing is necessary to fulfill Argo Club’s contractual obligations to you.

Argo Club does not verify the Personal Information you provide, except as provided for by the user agreement or the terms of use of the Service, and cannot judge its accuracy, as well as whether you have sufficient legal capacity to provide your Personal Information. However, Argo Club assumes that you provide accurate and sufficient Personal Information and keep it up to date.

Argo Club does not use cookies or web beacons (including pixel tags) to collect Personal Information and associate such personal information with your device and web browser.

Argo Club does not collect any personal information that is not related to the performance of the relevant responsibilities for the Service.

Argo Club does not process, for any aspect or purpose, personal information obtained through our interaction on the Service.

Argo Club uses your Personal Information solely to fulfill Argo Club’s contractual obligations to you.

Argo Club will keep your Personal Information for as long as necessary to achieve the purpose for which it was collected

If you believe that any information that the Argo Club database holds about you is incorrect or incomplete, you can log into your account and correct your Personal Information yourself, or email us at home@argoclub.co

If you want any of your Personal Information to be removed from Argo Club databases, you can independently delete the required Personal Information using your account through the Site interface (if applicable).

You can also contact us at home@argoclub.co  with a request to remove any information about you from the Argo Club databases.

Changes may be made to these rules for the processing of personal data. Argo Club has the right to make changes at its discretion, including, but not limited to, in cases where the relevant changes are related to changes in applicable law, as well as when the corresponding changes are related to changes in the operation of the Site and Service.

Argo Club undertakes not to make significant changes, not to impose additional encumbrances or restrictions on your rights established by these Rules without your notice. You will be notified of such changes. Relevant notifications may be displayed on the Site or in the Service (for example, via a pop-up window or banner) before such changes take effect, or may be sent to you via other communication channels (for example, by e-mail if you have provided us with your Contact details).