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In 2023, Catholic Easter falls on April 9, Orthodox Easter falls on April 16. Mostly foreign Christians coming to Russia are Catholics. Christine, who live in Russia, are mostly Orthodox. We bake Easter cakes, cook Easter cottage cheese, paint eggs and go to church. There are many Easter concerts in Russia. But for Catholics, we also have something to offer. In Moscow we suggest visiting the Cathedral of Immaculate Conception of Holy Virgin Mary, other catholic cathedrals, visiting Moscow catholic family, see the places connected with the great catholics in Moscow – Franz  Lefort, Pietro Antonio Solari and others.


May 9th is a holiday with tears in our eyes. In Russia, there are several holidays that we celebrate with particular reverence. May 9th is one of those. It was on this day in 1945 that the act of unconditional surrender of the fascist troops was signed. The Great Patriotic War was over. Germany attacked us on 22.06.1941, the Allies (USA, UK and France) opened the 2nd front only on June 6, 1944. The USSR lost 27 million people. Most. We were tortured, excruciated, killed. We survived. May 9 th is not a religious holiday, but for all Russians it is a saint. We have several options to celebrate of Victory Day. Ask!


Yes Yes! There is such a holiday! And we celebrate it in the town of the Golden Ring of Russia – Suzdal. It takes 4-5 hours to drive from Moscow. In 2023, the holiday falls on July 15th. In the Open Air Museum of Wooden Architecture, where the holiday usually takes place, you can buy a great variety of different varieties of cucumbers, as well as in salted, pickled form. It also sells various souvenirs on the topic. Folklore ensembles perform. We invite everyone to Suzdal to take part in the celebration, as well as to visit the Suzdal Kremlin, Spaso-Evfimiev Monastery, Kideksha, museums of Vladimir. Ask!

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